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Acute medicine

Acute and internal medicine is a hospital service for patients who are acutely unwell with a new or long-term (chronic) medical condition

What conditions do we assess

We assess and manage patients who are acutely unwell
Patients come in through the Emergency Department. They may be brought in by ambulance or they may come in themselves with a referral letter. If the doctors in the Emergency Department decide that you have acute or chronic medical problems which need assessment and treatment, they may send you to the acute medical assessment unit


Acute medicine doctors will start the medical treatment for your condition and then discuss your case with the relevant specialty doctors to achieve the best outcome for you. The doctors will work closely with a team of nursing staff who specialise in providing care to acutely unwell patients. We also have a dedicated team of physiotherapists, medical social workers, occupational therapists and others who are available to provide you with rapid access to assessment and treatment planning.